Our proprietary process is the backbone to our success, and what allows us to stay on top of our game… hitting every deadline and maintaining 100% customer satisfaction.

Laying the correct foundations is just as important for projects as it is for buildings. That is why the first step is for you to meet with our expert estimator so that we can truly understand what it is you need.


This might be gathering information about the premises in question, or better trying to understand the vision you have for the finished product. 

Once everyone is happy with the outcome of the initial meeting, we take both your information and inspiration and create two bespoke valuations:

  • An itemised quotation for planning and design process 
  • An estimate for the construction phase of the project 

These valuations reflect not only the vision you put forward to us, but the integrity and ethos that runs through our business. They will be clearly laid out so you see exactly what is being spent and where that spend is taking place.

This is where you meet with our architect. By the end of this meeting you will hopefully have all the information needed to prepare the necessary planning and construction drawings. These will be crucial in fulfilling the needs of any building applications. 


But formalities aside, this is a fantastic chance for you to discuss any details you might have missed or explore additional creative ideas around your project. 

The requirements for planning permission are usually met in the first instance, but from time to time there are additional conditions which must be met to get the green light you need. 


If this is the case, we will do the necessary leg work at our end and send you a final quotation which reflects the necessary extra steps. 


Just like the initial quotation this will be itemised, easy to understand and above all else – completely transparent. 


Once you are happy, we will then send you the following:

  • A high-level timeline 
  • Our payment terms
  • A contract 

This is where we really start to get to work for you, as more complex technical drawings and documents are prepared ahead of the first site work. These documents will differ from project to project, but you can expect to find some of or all of the following from this list:

  • Architectural construction drawings 
  • Interior design drawings 
  • Revision from building control inspector & approval letter
  • Gantt project plan
  • Itemised schedule of works 
  • Management spreadsheet for daily communication

If for whatever reason, there are any structural changes to the envelope of the building - we will create the additional necessary drawings and calculations – keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

The feeling of reality setting in comes at this point, as we prepare to start the site work. 

We believe it’s important to clearly communicate with you what is happening and who is making it happen. That’s why we:

  • Introduce you to your site foreman and team
  • Understand how you want to be updated 
  • See if there are any appliances or fittings you want to keep

We also take the must-haves very seriously. So, in accordance with construction regulations we prepare thorough health and safety documentation for the project. 

As far as the day to day running of your project, you can expect the project manager within your site team to take care of the following:

  • Liaison with CDM controller, freeholder and engineers 
  • Arrange and oversee weekly site meetings
  • Keep things to schedule and update on any potential delays

Once everything is where it needs to be and you see your vision finally come to life, we arrange all the necessary completion meetings with the building control inspector and receive a final letter of compliance.

True to our values - we provide you complete peace of mind – as all works come with Guarantee Certificates. This covers you for up to 12 months comprehensively, and ten years for certain aspects. These are all clearly explained to you. You are also provided guarantees for any appliance that we install on your behalf. 

It is then a case of walking you through your finished project. We cover snags, fittings, thermostats, heating and anything you might be unclear of.

If there are any little elements that are not quite as you envisioned them, we work with you to resolve them. You really are more than a number on a spreadsheet to us; we want you to be completely and utterly happy before we finally shake your hand and say farewell. 

You will be glad to hear that there really isn’t much more to do at this point for you! It’s more from our end; it might seem like a small formality but keeping on top of building maintenance is important as to avoid any actions that might render your guarantee’s void. 

So, we take it upon ourselves to look after this for you. We will send you reminders and notifications when a check or service is coming up. We can also arrange our maintenance teams to carry out the work, if it makes your life a little easier. 

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