We can tell you exactly what we can do, our shining testimonials can back those claims, but nothing proves quality quite like seeing it for yourself.

Here is a selection of our favourite projects to date. If you like what you see, contact us today to get your project started!

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Complete Apartment Renovation
Regent Street, Plymouth

Complete renovation of a 2 storey apartment in the centre of Plymouth.
The highlight of this project comes in the bathroom, a feature section of around 1000 blue hexagonal tiles.
Now an Airbnb property, the quality of the refurb allows for the nightly price to be far above the average for the area.

Complete Apartment Block Renovation
Sussex Place, Plymouth

Another Airbnb renovation we are incredibly proud of.
This property on Sussex Place in Plymouth has an apartment on each of it’s 4 floors, including a basement and smaller loft apartment.
Our aim with this project was to give a clean and stylish finish, while maintaining the original victorian characteristics.

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Photo 27-07-2017, 09 40 56

Complete House Renovation
Keynedon Barton

Much like the project at Sussex Place (above), the success of our work at this beautiful old house in Keynedon Barton hinged on our ability to balance style and preservation. 
Luckily we were able to walk that line, adding a modern touch to classic house. We’re particularly pleased with how well we completed the tiling in both the kitchen and bathroom!

Complete Apartment Block Renovation
Albert Road, Plymouth

This renovation on Albert Road in Plymouth was one of our most challenging to date; we pulled the property out from utter neglect to being a set of 4 stylish and modern apartments.
We couldn’t believe the difference we were able to make to the exterior, taking the garden from unkept mess to romantically lit  walkway. See for yourself in the pictures!

Photo 30-11-2018, 17 36 34