We think we have quite a special story. So, we want to take a minute to share it with you
before showing you some of our industry leading work.

Hex 360 was founded by Craig Lewis in 2015 with the solid foundation that a degree in construction management provides.

Previous to Hex 360, Craig spent 5 years working at Princess Yachts, and a year as co-owner of a tattoo shop. But if you’re on this page you don’t really want Craigs life story…you want to know what makes Hex 360 different to every other construction company out there!

This is what truly sets us apart…

Integrity is everything. We believe that when you create an honest working relationship, you create an environment that allows your projects to really come to life. 

Construction companies sometimes have a bed rep when it comes to costings and pricings. That’s not something you will experience with us. We don’t believe there is anyone in our sector who is as transparent and open as we are.

So you’ve had the survey, the plans, the quote and the timeline. But what happens when you aren’t quite settled on the look and feel? Or you want to change something further down the line?

We think a lot of our positive feedback stems from the way we communicate. You will be involved through every step of the process, allowing for an organic and collaborative environment. Because at the end of the day we want you to be happy, not left in the dark or wondering where things are up to.

You’re more than a number on a spreadsheet to us, and we never bite off more than we can chew. Our attention and efforts are solely dedicated toward you and your project during your time with us. 

Unlike with some firms, once we begin work on your project we don’t simply move on to our next. We provide industry leading account management during the full life cycle of the project, meaning you aren’t forgotten about once you sign on the dotted line.

work with the very best

If you are ready to start the project you’ve dreamt of making a reality, but stalled on because of the
construction company stereotype, now is the time to contact Hex 360. Just hit the button below and send us a message!